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Person Humphreys, Henry Noel
Andere Namen Humphreys, Henry N.
Humphreys, H. Noel
Quelle LCAuth; WBIS
Zeit Lebensdaten: 1810-1879
Land Großbritannien (XA-GB)
Geografischer Bezug Geburtsort: Birmingham
Beruf(e) Künstler
Weitere Angaben Engl. Buchillustrator, lebte lange in Italien
Systematik 13.1bp Personen zu Kunstwissenschaft, Kunsthistoriker
Typ Person (piz)
Autor von 3 Publikationen
  1. Masterpieces of the early printers & engravers A series of facs. from the rare a. curieus books remarkable for illustr. devices, beautiful borders, decorative initials, printers' marks, elaborate title-pages etc
    Humphreys, Henry Noel. - London : Henry Sotheran & Co., 1870
  2. A history of the art of printing from its invention to its wide - spread development in the middle of the sixteenth century
    Humphreys, Henry Noel. - London : Quaritch, 1868, 2nd issue
  3. ...