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Sachbegriff Open Source
Quelle dtv-Comp.-Lex.
Synonyme Open Source Software
Offener Quellcode
Freie Software (Microsoft-Comp.-Fachlex.)
Free Software
Oberbegriffe Software
DDC-Notation 005.3
Systematik 30 Informatik, Datenverarbeitung
Andere Normdaten LCSH: Open source software
RAMEAU: Logiciels libres
Beispiele 119 Begriffe
  1. Android Studio
  2. Apache OpenOffice 3.4
  3. ...
Thema in 254 Publikationen
  1. Information technology and open source: applications for education, innovation, and sustainability
    Heidelberg : Springer, 2014
  2. Information Technology and Open Source: Applications for Education, Innovation, and Sustainability [Elektronische Ressource]
    Cham : Springer International Publishing, 2014, Aufl. 2014
  3. ...